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GenaSis Gough - Gloucester, MA

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I became a Sex & Relationship Coach by popular demand. Since junior high school, people have always spoken with me about their desires and sex lives because it feels so normal to do so. I have 35 years of sexual curiosity and personal experience living outside the lines of conformity. Around me, people feel permission to discover their fully authentic, erotic selves without shame. They feel radiantly alive, glowing, growing and truly free.

After living the corporate life for 25 years, I trained with Jaiya and became a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach to broaden my expertise in sexuality and trained with Satyen Raja and became an Accelerated Evolution Coach to develop the skills of leading people through transformations. I love helping couples rekindle romance, deepen intimate connection, improve communication, and have HOT, JUICY SEX.

You deserve to explore the Grand Banquet of Sexuality… your every desire is on the table and you can taste all that is possible. Let’s talk soon! Don’t worry, I won’t yuck your yum.