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Sacha Fossa - Newburyport

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Hi! I’m Sacha.

I want you to know that you can have sexual ecstasy and communion within your body and in your life, and then share and create this with others as desired.

I can guide you to discovering the life-saving, health-promoting, exciting and juicy intimacy you’ve been wanting in your body and in your life foremost! So that you will live happily ever after with you no matter what happens!

Are you ready for monumental change through more pleasure with new intimacy education, practices and more?

My personal journey of healing and intensive education, academic and otherwise, brought me to an unwavering commitment to guiding others on their paths to becoming confident lovers and erotic masters. I inspire my clients to embodied wholeness and expansion in consciousness via the intimate, erotic and wellness arts.

My programs are custom designed to meet your individual needs and include coaching, education and healing arts therapies to get you a better to the best sex and love life. Solo and/or partnered and/or with partners.
My specialities include Tantra and Erotic Blueprints™!
Have you seen the Netflix series Sex, Love and Goop? The Erotic Blueprints™ are featured as a pathway for profound intimate expansion and more!

How would you like to embody and be deeply accepted as the pleasure charged-erotically energized-being you actually are?

Did you know that…

Your Sexuality-Your Sexual Energy-aka Life Force-
Is Your Greatest Tool For Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing?
Your Sexuality Is The Final Frontier In Your Personal Growth & Development!
To Go Beyond Peak Performance To Peak Existence & Reclaim Your Pleasure!
Let me guide you with a highly positive and consciousness-raising approach to your intimate health and life with my unique and modern version of

Sacred Temple Arts!
My approach in services is one that combines intimate and erotic arts with holistic healing and wellness practices, tools and techniques.Sex and relationship coaching and education for your overall health and happiness.

My clients come to me from all different walks of life, relationship paths, and levels of sexual experiences. Whether you are new to exploring your intimate side, or you are more advanced in this realm, I can support you in actualizing the erotic life you desire.

Most of us have experienced far too much drama, trauma, and preventable suffering due to a severe lack of accurate and positive sex, relationship and wellness educations.

I’ve gained a lot of awareness and wisdom around the challenges and traumas caused by the lack of vital and accurate information in these fields. I am committed to my ongoing education to continue to provide only the best quality care and services possible.

My credentials include:
-Masters Degree in Health Arts & Sciences
-Advanced Certified Tantric Educator
-Sex Educator Certified
-Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™
-Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot Teacher
-Certifications 30+ Healing Arts Therapies
-2 decades of training & practice in the Holistic, Wellness, Intimate & Erotic Arts

Check out my website for more information at to sign up for a complimentary call to receive the perfect program designed just for you.